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In the saga of the evolution of the cameras, the contribution "of amateurs enlightened" but especially clever, made progress certain functions of which the originators had not thought. Here is the proof.
Remarks brought back by his/her son : Here is the anecdote. "It was into 54, my father, Jean KRAUSSE was a gendarme to defer to Sidi-Beautiful-Abbots in Algeria (of 1943 to 1960) and at that time it used on a purely personal but also professional basis, of apparatuses FOCA. But it had bought small standard Eljy 1 in order to test it. It had realized that outside, when it turned the serrated roller of rewinding in order to post another sight on the small back window (by pushing the pull knob upwards), the negative one with the development had been slightly exposed to the light and was some faded. The idea to him whereas the ideal would be to post the first sight at the house in a not very enlightened place, had made a reference mark "1" on the serrated roller and had just placed it opposite another fixed reference mark (a red point) on the case from the apparatus. It was then enough to turn the serrated roller until the appearance of the sight n°2 to post on this one the reference mark "2" and to repeat this operation until the sight n°8. But a problem appeared: when it changed the film, the serrated roller was not forcing on the good position, opposite the reference mark "1". Then it thought of adapting a small mobile disc to the top of the button rembobinor (photo 6), which enabled him to put the figure "1" opposite the reference mark of the case (after having posted the sight n°1 on the window postpones), while turning the disc in question judiciously. My father manufactured these parts out of strong paperboard and it dispatched the whole at the Lumière company with a letter of reference. Three or four months later, whereas it did not think of it any more, it received a parcel in return. Inside, it discovered a small apparatus standard Eljy 1 equipped with its system (which I always have and who am introduced here) and another apparatus 6 X 6 Light. The Lumière house disappeared today, but if files exist still some share, I am sure that one can find all the documents relative to this modification "

Photo 1

Photo 2

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Photo 6

Photo Lumiclub 1

Photo Lumiclub 2

Photo Lumiclub 3

It is a prototype "Versailles" of the Sté PONTIAC and imagined by Mr Laroche, who did not have the time to market
before close and relocate in Morocco (Pontiac-Baby bears the Lynx - Made in Maroco -) and yes even
early 50 years!
This is the only brand that has made cameras on the African continent.
Light the market, but the situation is not favourable, 24x36 begins to break and this is not the sucking
esconté, which makes it a rare object.

The apparatus and the photographs are the property of Mr Jean KRAUSSE
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